Samantha and Michael

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Our Story

You know what they say, "New Year, New You," well, that may have been the case for ringing in the start to 2015. Michael and Sam met at THE fanciest establishment in all of Columbia, MO... Tonic Nightclub. Michael and Sam found themselves in a mutual effort to "wing-man" some of their closest friends, leaving them together as the clock struck midnight. From this moment, they have shared a "New Years Kiss" ever since.

As Michael and Sam parted ways in January for the remaining weeks of Christmas break, they both wondered what would come of that shared kiss at Tonic Nightclub.

The couple had a chance to reconnect in the Spring of 2015 as Sam's sorority and Michael's fraternity were paired for Greek Week at Mizzou. Sam was obviously draining three-pointers during a basketball game and Michael was rather impressed. Michael was the highest scoring (and sweatiest) player and definitely caught Sam's eye. In an innocent attempt at sparking up further post-game conversation, Sam sent Michael the infamous "good game" text message.

From that moment, Sam and Michael have been teammates for life, of course, with a little friendly competition along the way. With Michael in Dental School at UMKC and Sam in Physician Assistant School at Stephens College in Columbia, MO, the two of them made an effort to spend time together most weekends. It was common for one of them to take the train to see each other so that they could study during the ride. Soon enough, Union Station became some of their favorite "hellos" and hardest "goodbyes."

On New Years Eve, December 31st, 2018, Michael and Sam were planning on having lunch with another couple. On the way to lunch, Michael asked if they could stop at the post office in Union Station to mail a few thank you cards. Soon after mailing the cards, Michael asked if Sam wanted to see some of the Christmas decorations. As they rounded the infamous Christmas tree at one of their most special places, Michael tearfully asked Sam to spend her life with him and Sam said "Yes!"
Gwen Bedat